I am an entomology student studying ant diversity at the School of Biological Sciences at Louisiana Tech University. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois.

This blog is a way to share the fascinating world of invertebrates with others as I journey through grad school entomology life. I am interested in all parts of nature, especially invertebrates such as arachnids, insects, etc. Hymenoptera, ants and wasps in particular, are my favorite organisms to study. Formicidae, ants, are a big passion and the focal point of my research thus far.

In addition, I will share other adventures I experience, in particular things pertaining to nature and the outdoors and living an active, healthy lifestyle. One day my wife and I would like to own our own homestead, so we are continually learning as much as we can in regards to that lifestyle.

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Running, Reading, Hiking, Camping, Learning, and Spending Time With My Wife